Some of the Top CBD Brands


After reading about the benefits of CBD, you may be looking to try out some CBD products. But with so many CBD products on the market, picking the right one can be a bit tricky. Thankfully, there are a few CBD brands out there that have stood out for their high-quality products. In this article, we’ll look at some of them.

1) Receptra Naturals.

Receptra Naturals Company is a five-star CBD brand. This company sources its CBD from organically-grown industrial hemp. The company works with family farms in Colorado to get its hemp. Unlike other brands, Receptra Naturals is very transparent. It works with a third party laboratory to test its products and releases the results. The company makes CBD oil and creams.

2) Sagely Naturals.

Sagely natural is based in California. This company sources its CBD from organic hemp plants. The company tests its products before they hit the market to guarantee their quality. Sagely Naturals produces CBD-infused body care products.

3) LolaHemp.

Have you have been looking for a good producer of CBD products for pets. Lola a company which was found by Susan and her son Joely. This company was created to satisfy people who were looking for a natural solution to health issues for their pets. LolaHemp produces CBD oils.

4) NuLeaf Naturals.

NuLeaf Natural is a company that never compromises on the purity of its products. This company was established in 2014 by a group of health-conscious plant medicine aficionados. NuLeaf Naturals gets its CBD from organic hemp farms in Colorado, USA. The company produces high-grade hemp oils.

5) American Shaman.

American Shaman is one of the few diversified companies in CBD business, offering hemp products for humans, pets and even horses. American Shaman products are gluten-free, insecticide-free and organic. American Shaman is an award-winning. Its products include CBD-infused coffee, feline CBD oil tincture, CBD cookies, and CBD face cream.

6) Mana Artisan botanic.

Mana artisan botanic is a company based in Hawaii. This company acquires its products from hemp farmers in Hawaii. Mana Botanics is lead by a medical cannabis expert who has more than 20 years in the industry. The company’s priority is “handcrafting phytocannabinoid rich products for endocannabinoid system support”. Some of the products produced by mana botanics are hemp honey, turmeric hemp oil, hemp salve, sleep hemp tincture and turmeric hemp tincture.

7) Hemp Bombs
Hemp bombs joined the CBD business in 2017 and has grown to be one of the major suppliers CBD products. This company focuses on creating CBD isolate products. Hemp Bombs sources the hemp for its product from Europe but they are processed in the USA. Some of the products produced by Hemp Bombs include CBD syrup, CBD pain rub, CBD beard oil and CBD shots.

The quality of the CBD product that you choose is important. This is why you must take the time to research about any CBD company before you buy their products.